First Contact Physiotherapist

First Contact Physiotherapy brings advanced Musculoskeletal skills to the frontline in primary care. For everything from neck pain to ankle sprain and all muscle, joint, tendon, bone or nerve problems in-between - book an appointment with your practice direct through your normal preferred method.

You will be asked to explain your problem and the clinician will aim to provide detailed assessment, leading to diagnosis and an outline of the available options thereafter. If necessary the clinician can request exactly the same investigations as your GP could, can make exactly the same specialist referrals, and in some cases could deliver interventions such as joint injection.

Our team of 5 experts have accumulated a total of almost 75 years of experience in the musculoskeletal field so are highly skilled and excellently placed to give you the best possible management of your musculoskeletal concerns.  One of our team is present at least once a week for face-to- face appointments in every practice in the Well Up North Primary Care Network.

The following video by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) explains when to see your First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP)

The following video produced by the NHS also helps to explain what a First Contact Physiotherapist is: 

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