Booster COVID-19 Vaccine Update

An important message to all patients who are going to attend the Swan Centre for their Booster COVID-19 vaccination. 

The Swan Centre is a mass vaccination centre and your experience while attending for your Booster will be very different from the appointments you had for your 1st and 2nd vaccinations at Well Close Square. The area that we work in is a large open space with staff manning all areas to ensure that your journey through the experience is as smoot as possible, but to allow this to happen we need help from each and everyone who is attending the sessions. 

Please can we ask that you follow this guidance: 

  • Appointments - Please don't arrive early for your vaccination as we have large numbers of patients attending the site and patients arriving early cause bottlenecks in the queuing system. Don't worry if you are a little late, you will still be seen. 
  • Parking - the parking at the Swan Centre is for patrons of the centre and their staff. If you need to be dropped off for your appointment the person driving the car will need to exit the car park and go to the designated retail parking where they can park free of charge, they should leave about 30 minutes before returning to collect you. We would ask that you do not abuse our volunteering marshals they are trying to ensure that everyone using the car park does so responsibly. 
  • Assistance - If you need help please bring someone with you. 
  • COVID-19 Text Messages - Patients are being contacted by NHS England to inform you that you are due your booster. The surgeries will make contact with you when we have clinics available for you to attend. This is to ensure that we do not miss anyone and that all patients who are being booked into the sessions have the required 183 day gap between their second dose and the booster that they will be receiving. 

We would like to thank you all for your help and understanding. We are working to keep everyone safe. 

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